Au-revoir Kohana

Its been a long road, but finally I think it is time for me to part company with Kohana. I‘ve been using Kohana since it was BlueFlame, an offshoot of CodeIgniter, and have very much enjoyed the experience. Its a great framework and I’ve been particularly taken with Version 3; however, its not without its faults, the biggest of which for me is the instability of the API.

As the framework has developed through 3.0.x, 3.1.x and now into 3.2.x, each point release (although thankfully not point-point release) has required a significant amount of work to upgrade my codebases; work I can ill afford to be doing. I'm also a bit disillusioned with some of the internals and want something more modular.

So now … Symfony2. I think its going to be a while before I‘m anywhere near as comfortable with Symfony2 as I am with Kohana, but conceptually, I’m happier with the way it has developed, the reception its getting and the design decisions that have informed its development.

We‘ll see; if not I’m sure Kohana will be just as great if I decide to come back. In the meantime, I'll try and blog some of my experiences developing with Symfony2.


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