Static websites

Having spent the last 14 or so years building complex PHP driven CMS (and other dynamic) systems, its funny how nowadays I'm passing off much of that to 3rd parties eg: or 3rd party applications Wordpress.

Part of this is that I'm focussing on other things (mostly native iOS development), partly because the whole landscape is changing; but also because “applications” like Octopress and Jekyll are finding a sweet spot between being dynamic (the site is generated on the fly) and static (everything is hard coded).

By working with a pre-processor, I get much of the flexibility of templates, document fragments etc but end up with a static website which can be served very very quickly.

Using client side scripting (Javascript) to add interactive features, perhaps in conjuction with service providers (like the aforementioned, we can have the best of both worlds.

We'll see!

by Andy


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