n Things I want to see in iOS 7 - #1

Here‘s the first in a series of blog posts about things I’d like to see in iOS7 - some are areas that I think need improving (from experience developing apps), some are more broad and about possibilities that would make the platform stronger. The first couple, today, are general fix-its; born from recent experience:-

  • Fix UILocalNotifications; having recently worked on an app which needed to implement reminders (with associated actions), UILocalNotifications was the only real option (I didn‘t want to use push notifications because the user might be offline, and Reminders.app and EventKit don’t allow you to launch straight into your app). The problem is that the granularity of repeats for UILocalNotifications is very coarse, plus there is a limit of 64 per app. I ended up with a solution that grouped notifications into half hour time slots, which worked for that app, but really a lot of pain could have been avoided with finer grained control of repeats and no hard limits.

  • Git + Storyboards / Xibs playing nice - I like Xibs and Storyboards; they suit the way that I think, and give me a way of prototyping and iterating rapidly through adding real functionality in only a little longer than it takes to do in wireframe. The biggest problem is that they really don‘t work well with SCM primarily because they don’t merge nicely. This is annoying with Xibs, but really hard work with Storyboards which might contain your entire app. I'm not sure exactly what the answer is here, but the boffins at Apple must be able to figure something out!

That's it for today; more to come.


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