n Things I want to see in iOS 7 - #2

These next two are features I'd like to see implemented in iOS 7, both of which I think could be very big news for developers initially, and the platform as a whole once developers get to grips with them.

  • XPC / Promises / Intents - one area that Android is definitely ahead of iOS is in the ability of various apps to interact with each other. Ole Bergman has an excellent introduction to Android‘s intents and promises (and in the same vein “charms” in Windows 8) and how these might be implemented in iOS. Its quite an old article now (a year old at time of writing); since that time Apple have released iOS6 which has some movement in that direction; again Ole has written about Apple’s remote view controllers. I'd love to see this sort of thing pushed much further and, perhaps related, giving users the ability to set the default app to handle e.g.: email.

Personally, I think that if implemented well and extensively, this could be huge for iOS development and the utility of iOS as a whole.

  • SceneKit - introduced in Mac OS X 10.8, scene kit provides scene graph management for Open GL. Although there are some good libraries in this vein for iOS, it would make a huge amount of sense to have scene kit in iOS providing a similar environment for working with Open GL as in Mac OS X.

From experience working with one of the open-source scene graph libraries out there, this is definitely an area where a well implemented library from Apple could have a huge impact on the development of 3d in games and interfaces on iOS.

Fingers crossed on seeing either or both of these in iOS 7!


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