The Node Revolution

Having moved last year to Octopress to generate of static websites (such as this one), a major advantage presents itself; as the sites are now platform independent, the generator code can be swapped out with ease.

In line with my focus on Objective-C for native iOS development and Node.js for everything else, I thought it'd be a good idea to see how easy it would be to use node to generate the labs and blog sites…

A quick search threw up a few examples where people had moved from Octopress to a node.js based system; the first I tried was Hexo. It claims “Hexo supports GitHub Flavored Markdown and all Octopress plugins and highly Jekyll/Octopress compatible.”, which turned out to be true (more or less).

Assuming you already have node and npm installed, its very easy to get started and I was pleased to see that my markdown files just dropped right in, without any changes.

Fortunately, the theme (Greyshade) that my sites is based on has been ported to Hexo, so it was a simple matter to port the relevant bits across. Hexo supports a number of different CSS and template engines including the one I'm most familiar with (SASS).

Other than a few minor tweaks, it took very little to get it all running pretty much exactly as the Octopress version was. The advantage for me is that if I want to dig any deeper, I don't need to learn any ruby, just use the javascript / node, I already know.


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